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Our case study-driven events have a laser focus on success-led content

Over the past decade we have helped our community of over 120,000 leaders in Customer Experience, Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales devise and implement winning Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, CX Marketing, and CX Sales strategies. We have organised a series of hugely successful and industry-leading face to face events both live and digitally.

Our Mantra is that organisations need to be where their customers are. They need to cut across their own internal silos, take a more holistic view of their customers, both internal and external, and deliver a consistent and appropriate service across all channels, offline, online, social and mobile.

The critical role played by employee and customer engagement to business performance and profitability is being increasingly recognised by organisations across the globe.

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Engage Employee is an essential resource for leading edge thinking on the issues, challenges and opportunities relating to employee engagement and its impact on customer engagement, performance and profitability.

There is an irrefutable body of evidence which proves that organisations with engaged employees have more engaged customers and as a result gain long-term competitive advantage. The cultural and commercial benefits of organisations taking an holistic view of their employee and customer engagement strategies are proven.

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Taking a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities relating to the customer experience (CX). Research shows that the marketing function is playing an increasingly important role in customer experience as advances in technology enable greater customer understanding and insight, allowing organisations to increasingly personalise and tailor their offering to ever more demanding and proactive customers.

Organisations are continually developing strategies designed to understand and deliver consistently on the expectations of their customers. Marketing is central to the success of these strategies, Engage CX Marketing is designed to be the first port of call for marketing executives looking for the tools and techniques needed for customer loyalty, competitive advantage and business success.

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Customer experience is a term on everyone’s lips, unfortunately it is not always totally understood, many commercial professionals think CX is customer service, while other think it’s promotion. The entire organisation must commit to CX, the culture of the company needs to put the Customer at the centre of everything they do.

The best kind of CX is built on a deep understanding of the customers. Can a sales-driven culture also have a Customer Experience driven culture? Absolutely. This growing community of Senior Sales professionals are firmly focussed on putting CX at the core of an organisation.

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